About Simone Hollier

Nutritionist & Naturopath

Simone is a qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Buteyko Therapist. Simone has dedicated the last 12 years studying holistic and complementary therapies. Her mission is to nurture, educate and empower people to achieve better health and vitality using natural therapies that are both traditionally and scientifically proven to be effective. She is the owner and operator of her own busy home clinic in Redhead and the Naturopath at Redhead Wellness Sanctuary.

Simone is a passionate mother and active member of the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle community, and member of WEA Academy of Complementary Medicine Alumni. In her spare time Simone enjoys traveling, yoga, meditation and family time.

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About Sarah Ray


Sarah is a qualified Nutritionist with a passion in community health. Sarah has over 7 years experience in the hospitality industry and 4 years experience in health food management. Her speciality is analysing diets and creating individualised recipes and meal plans. Sarah is passionate about education around holistic nutrition and dietary balance, and thoroughly enjoys creating
nutritional ideas for individualised needs and disease management..

In 2016, Sarah volunteered in Fiji in the local communities and schools raising awareness about diabetes prevention, and in March 2019, Sarah spent 2 weeks in Bali high schools teaching health education and nutrition.
In her spare time Sarah enjoys yoga, camping and reading. Sarah is also an active member of WEA Academy of Complementary Medicine Alumni.

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